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 Frenzy guild rules 
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Post Frenzy guild rules
General rules

In Frenzy we are looking for mature social players players with a sense of humor. If you're a dorf or a female gnome that's a plus! As a member of Frenzy you are expected to adhere to the following rules:

  • Don't be an ass, i.e. don't ninja, spam, harass other players or anything similar.
  • Don't give the guild a bad name by acting as described above, be it in trade, LFG or anywhere else.
  • Do try to be helpful and good-spirited, say hi and goodbye in guildchat - even if you're having a bad day.
  • Keep major discussion on the guild forum.
  • Check the guild forum frequently and use it as a social network.

This is a game and as such it should be a fun place to be in :-)

Raid rules

When raiding with Frenzy, we expect you to:

  • Be fully prepared for every raid. That means optimal gear/gems/enchants etc.
  • Have a good understanding of the tactics for the bosses planned for that raid night.
  • Know your class and, maximize your own performance and handle constructive criticism.
  • Don't get your character(s) locked out of guild raids.
  • Use the addons: Deadly Boss Mods and Omen (or equivalent), EPGP and EPGPLootmaster.
  • Be on Mumble during raids - not neccesarily speaking, but listening.
  • Be on time and don't go AFK needlessly, making 19 people wait for you is not acceptable.

Raid times (All server times.):

  • Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30.
  • Thursday 20:30 - 23:30.
  • Sunday 20:00 - 23:30.

  • You are expected to be online and ready to raid at raid start - preferably 10-15 minutes earlier.
  • We require +80% attendance.
  • Raids may be rescheduled to avoid cancellation. This will be informed beforehand.
  • Raid times are handled through the ingame calendar.

Raider trial:
When you have been accepted into the guild, you will be on a trial for two weeks. During this time the officers will evaluate your performance and give you constructive criticism if need be. The trial period may be extended if neccessary, but should not happen in most cases.

Loot system
We use EPGP. In short, you gain Effort Points (EP) for raiding and killing bosses and Gear Points (GP) when you receive loot. The ratio between your EP and GP determine your Priority (PR): EP/GP = PR. If there are more needers for an item the player with the highest PR will win the item. You can read the full description here: EPGP.

EP is awarded according to the following:
  • 2000 EP per half hour raided.
  • 2000 EP per half hour on standby.
  • 2000 EP per progress boss killed.

  • In addition to EPGP we have a rank based priority on loot which is as following:
      Raiders > Raider triallers > Non-raiders.
  • Main spec before off-spec, off-spec costs no GP.
  • EPGP standings can be seen ingame using the EPGP addon.

How to use EPGP:

  • If you are raiding you don't need to do anything but stay in the raid group.
  • If you are standby you are eligible for standby EP as long as you are online. Whisper the loot master "epgp standby [character name]" to add yourself to the standby list. This needs to be done every half hour (you will be notified through whispers or guild chat).

Frenzy Officers:

Woodgnome#2314 (Guild Master)


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