Firelands / Status Update

Posted by Raptor Jesus on 14 Aug 2011 18:10
New frontpage news? Have we killed Ragnaros?

No, no we haven't.

Getting close to killing him though. I'm confident we'll kill him next time we get all the right people together.

And that brings us to the topic of this frontpage update - Like many other guilds we've got our own little summer blues going on. With some people off for holidays and others busy with other stuff we're taking it a bit easier the next two weeks. We're still raiding ofcourse, but with 6/7 in one night and not the right setup or amount of people for Raggy we may just mess around a bit with alt runs or heroic BWD/BoT runs.

As for me, I've enjoyed a nice day at the beach with the lovely RimmRob.

- Erik

Vizima and RimmRob on a picnic in Firelands


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