Frenzy raiding status

Posted by Woodgnome on 14 Jun 2011 03:07
Currently Frenzy raid progression is looking rather... Unimpressive. Is it because we're just THAT bad? Well, not really - as stated on the About Frenzy page Frenzy is a newly formed guild and we have not yet had the chance to actually raid in the guild.

For those who pay a visit to to look up our roster on the Armory the result will also be quite worrying. To make a long story short - almost all of the raiders in Frenzy are moving from another guild, but before then we wanted to make a list tribute to the guild and clear all normal mode content (which we did) and the migration will happen pretty soon.

In effect that means Frenzy has a total of 9 raiders available - all capable of clearing 12/12 normal modes (and more so I might add) - and just need a few more good players to make a grand entrance into the Firelands.

Before that happens we would, however, like to pay the current raids a visit and clear as many bosses as we possible can before the Firelands is released. So go on then, get them applications posted already!


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