Heroic Baleroc down - now 5/7 HC Firelands

Posted by Woodgnome on 22 Oct 2011 15:00
Heroic Baleroc kill by Frenzy on Doomhammer-EU
Oh yeah, we killed Heroic Baleroc. A long time ago.

Pyjama tried to write a Google optimized news post, but it stunk up the place, so I rewrote it. Now it's more boring. Awesome, +1 Woodgnome.
Here's what he actually did write:
"Why the f00k does Baleroc have a bigger cock sword than me? It's unfair, I hate this game and I also hate Woodgnome with his huge dorf cock sword! I'll just go play with my sexy naked nightelf in bikini licking peanut butter off kittens".


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