Morchok Heroic Down

Posted by Raptor Jesus on 17 Dec 2011 20:12
Heroic Morchok kill by Frenzy on Doomhammer-EU

Morecock and Cockmore thought they could handle us, but fortunately some of our members are used to handling a lot more cocks than them.


By Bella on 17 Dec 2011 21:54
so how many people is this post going to bring to the website...
people google-ing "more cock" and we turn up...
By Woodgnome on 17 Dec 2011 22:23
While we can get hits on hot night elf I doubt we can get them on cock alone. Now if you mix cock with wow related stuff, like "night elf cock" I think we could get some hits :P
By Hangen on 17 Dec 2011 22:49
What?!?! I don't even know...

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