Ragnaros 7/7 Firelands

Posted by Raptor Jesus on 04 Sep 2011 12:29
Ragnaros kill by Frenzy on Doomhammer-EU

Even in his own realm,
Surrounded by fire and destruction,
Minions of the flame intent on your demise,
He stood no chance,
Against the might of our fiery ginger beards.

Yes, yes the bitch is down. All Cataclysm normal mode content cleared.

It took a little while to get him down because suddenly everyone's holidays overlapped, but we got enough sign-ups for a raid and everyone was fired up to clear Firelands. (See what I did there?)

Ragnaros is a pretty cool encounter and not that difficult as long as everyone keeps their heads cool.

Time to get started on heroic mode content - and hopefully one of our hunters will soon be using Shannox's severed head as a helmet.


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