The Emperor lives, his will broken - MSV HC cleared

Posted by Woodgnome on 08 Feb 2013 12:43
Heroic Will of the Emperor kill by Frenzy on Doomhammer-EU
With Emperor Lei Shens titan device out of the way we should get a nice break from the Mogu until we go for the Emperor himself in Throne of Thunder.

Meanwhile it's time for some fun with the Empress and her heroic mode minions.


By Hangen on 08 Feb 2013 13:44
No way! I don't believe it! We have NEWS!!!
By Woodgnome on 08 Feb 2013 14:48
Shut yo face!
By Raptor Jesus on 09 Feb 2013 00:09
After waiting this long for a newspost I was expecting a wonderfully aged Dom Perignon '58 quality newspost.
Instead we got not so nicely aged shit.
By Winkle on 09 Feb 2013 12:58
I went with a Star Wars quote but was overruled
By Woodgnome on 09 Feb 2013 14:31
Because it didn't make any sense!
By Hangen on 09 Feb 2013 15:22
What was it Winkle?
By Goldilocks on 10 Feb 2013 20:18
Says Darth Vader: "I know what you're getting for christmas... I felt your presence."
By Raptor Jesus on 17 Feb 2013 00:32
My spider sense is telling me this news is outdated.
By Hangen on 17 Feb 2013 01:35
Our news are always outdated... I blame Winkle!

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